Cozy and fast two-masted schooner
    The biggest sail training ship in the world
    The most famous Russian tall ship
    The most beautiful ice-class sailing yacht
    Cozy and comfortable ice-class sailing yacht
    Fast and comfortable ice-class sailing yacht
The Finnish ice-class schooner
The two-masted schooner is an ice-class sailing boat launched by Olivier van Meer Design in the Netherlands. Built in 1963, she was operated as a fishery vessel in the North Sea. In 1993, she was refitted to be a sailing boat used for regular charter voyages.

She is capable of high speeds in the water but is equally comfortable while cruising.

Technical specifications:
Length – 42 m
Width – 6.8 m
Draught – 3.7 m
Sail size – 420 m2
The Russian four-masted barque
Sedov is the biggest sail training ship in the world. The 4-masted steel barque was launched in 1921 in Kiel (Germany) and sailed under the German flag until 1945 as a cargo ship. She was known under the names Magdalene Vinnen II and Kommodore Johnsen.

After the USSR acquired the ship as a part of reparations after World War II, she was renamed Sedov after the famous Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov. The barque served as a training ship for the Soviet Navy and for the cadets of naval universities.

STS Sedov is a regular participant of the Tall Ships' Races, the barque came first in 1995. She completed 2 world circumnavigations: in 2012 – 2013 and in 2019 – 2020.

Technical specifications:
Length – 117.5 m, width – 14.62 m, masts height – 54.8 m
The Russian four-masted barque
The famous German shipping company "F. Laeisz of Hamburg" launched the barque in 1926 as Padua. She was the last of her kind built without an auxiliary engine. As Padua, she was sailing successfully as a cargo ship for nearly 15 years between South America and Europe.

During the 2nd World War Padua served as a training ship in the Baltic Sea. Her second life began in 1946 when the ship was surrendered to the USSR and was given the name "Kruzenshtern" after the famous Russian admiral Ivan Kruzenshtern.

Since 1966 she became a training sailing ship of the fishing industry fleet. The barque took part in many international tall ship regattas and completed 2 world circumnavigations – in 1995-1996 and in 2005-2006.

Technical specifications:
Length – 114.5 m, width – 14.04 m, masts height – 50 m

The ice-class sailing yacht
Wind Dancer is a 21-metre steel sailing Bermuda sloop that was built at Viking Marine-Rahmi H.Koc shipyard by Sciomachen – Naval Architects and Yacht. Her metal hull with a long keel line provides with excellent seakeeping abilities.

In 2015 and 2018 the yacht underwent a major renovation for sailing in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Her equipment allows her to navigate in high latitudes with difficult ice conditions.

Technical specifications:
Length – 21.64 m
Width – 5.48 m
Draught – 3.2 m
The ice-class sailing yacht
Mon Coeur is a two-masted sailing yacht built by the DÜBBEL & JESSE shipyard in Germany. She has an aluminium hull with a long keel line equipped with an additional trimmer.

She has 2 Perkins diesel engines, 130 HP/ 95.55 (kw) each. In 2002, 2013 and 2018 the yacht underwent a major renovation for cold latitude expeditions.

Technical specifications:
Length – 20.4 m
Width – 5.42 m
Draught – 4.0 m

The ice-class sailing yacht
The steel sailing yacht Aurora was built in 1991 in Plymouth to compete in the world's most difficult round the world yacht race the BT Global Challenge.

In 2017 the vessel was equipped with all the necessary technology and safety-equipment for the high Arctic and Antarctic. Moreover, the cabins were rebuilt, upholstery was replaced, a sauna and deckhouse were installed.

Length – 20.5 m
Draught – 3 m
Mast height – 23.5 m
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