Sail training voyage on the Dutch tall ship Wylde Swan

2 – 16 July 2022 (RUS)
16 – 30 July 2022 (RUS)
30 July – 13 August 2022 (RUS)
13 – 27 August 2022 (ENG)
27 August – 10 September 2022 (ENG)

West Greenland is known for well-developed tourism facilities, cruise ships and thousands of visitors. In contrast East Greenland is all about wilderness: incredible glaciers and huge icebergs, mountains like those one can see in the Patagonia (South America), whales circling around, colourful local villages, excellent fishing and deep fjords.

In 2022 Maritime Practice will undertake 5 voyages to East Greenland on board the Dutch tall ship Wylde Swan in cooperation with our good friends and partners from the travel company Paganel Studio.

Join the voyage to have a truly unique experience on board the tall ship and a chance to see fjords, icebergs and whales in their natural habitat.
Our partners from Paganel Studio made a stunning film about East Greenland that truly shows the fragile beauty of this place. The film won more than 16 international awards.
Wylde Swan is quite a large sailing boat. Its length is about 60 m, and the must height – 43 m. However, its size allows to sail into fjords and manoeuvre there, cast an anchor and bring trainees ashore using zodiacs.

In 2011, the Wylde Swan was a total winner in the Tall Ships Race against the world's largest sailing ships, and the team won Friendship Trophy. The training programs on board Wylde Swan are designed not only to provide sailing skills but also to develop other ones such as a team spirit strength, discipline and leadership.
All the trainees live in two sections: the large section (for 16 trainees) and the small section (for 8 trainees).

There are no men and women areas on board, however everyone has his / her own bunk with a shelf for personal belongings, a 220 Volt outlet and a lamp.

Lectures, meal and movie times are held in the lounge area.
Day 0
16.00 –18.00: boarding the sailing ship Wylde Swan at the port of Reykjavik, then you will check your cabin and have a boat tour.

18.00 –19.00: safety drill

19.00 – 21.00: BBQ-dinner on the deck with our crew and trainees.
Day 1 – 3
At sea. Activites on board: duties, lectures, practical trainings, instructional films. Arrival to Greenland.
Day 3 – 13
Sailing trip in Greenland according to the scheduled itinerary.
Crossing the distance between Greenland and Iceland. While sailing, we will have duties, lectures and intense practical trainings on board.
Day 14
08.00: Arrival to Iceland. Trip briefing.

08.00 – 10.00: Getting ready to leave the boat: cleaning and packing.

10.00: Disembarkation.

19.00: Farewell BBQ dinner and a 'meet-and-greet' party with new trainees.
Angmassalik, Kong Oscar Bay,
Tasiilaq village
The largest settlement in East Greenland – Ammassalik, also known as Tasiilaq. The meaning of the name is "like a lake" because of a fjord system with very narrow entrance from the sea. Here is a stunning view of a natural fjord surrounded with high peaks covered with snow year-round.

Tasiilaq is a unique settlement. Here is a local history museum, where you can learn about Indigenous communities, get a practice course on balancing kayaks, and visit a traditional Inuit house. We will attend a workshop on creation of a Greenlandic tupilaq figures (ancestor's soul or spirit) and have a walking tour around the settlement. We will definitely visit a local place of worship, which is characterized by the mixture of Danish lutheran church and paganism originated from the local communities.

Sermilik Fjord, Queertartivatsiaq Island, Johan Petersen Fjord
Sermilik is well-known by its glaciers which produce the massive icebergs. Here you can witness the Greenlandic ice sheet. Whales visit this area regularly. Fjords are full of massive icebergs of different shapes. The major "producers" of icebergs are glaciers Helheimgletscher, Isgletscher, and Midgardgletscher that are located in the northern part of the Sermilik fjord. We will approach the beautiful glacier Harn as close as possible, listen to noise of cracking ice and participate in a polar plunge!
Tiniteqilaak settlement
Old Inuit village is located in the Sermilik fjord, it is a continental settlement in Greenland. It is one of the most exciting and beautiful locations in Greenland. It is a lovely place to have a walk and buy some souvenirs from local hunters and fishermen: they dry locally caught river trout and haddock.
Iohan Fjord, Inuit settlement Kuummiut
Time to explore surroundings and walk around! Take your camera and enjoy stunning views.

We are going to the fjord's inner part called the sea bottom. This place could be easily identified as "Greenlandic Patagonia". The landscape is mountainous – it is absolutely a lovely place for hiking and fishing.
Ikassa Fjord, the abandoned U.S. military base in Ikateq
Ikassa fjord is pretty narrow, so we will sail in during the low tide when icebergs are grounded. Breathtaking views are waiting for you!

During the World War II, a few U.S. military bases and airfields were built to enhance the transatlantic connection between the USA and Europe. In 1947 the military staff was repatriated while the equipment was abandoned. Nowadays old cars and fuel tanks look like an open-air museum. The former airfield "Blue East Two" is an attraction for tourists from every corner of the world.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier
The Greenland Ice sheet is the world's second largest in terms of fresh water reserves. Icebergs are former glaciers: they are favorite "objects" of photographers, and they are still dangerous floating ice pieces for ships.

Knud Rasmussen glacier is characterized by the intense blue color of the ice, the outer parts of the glacier calve regularly. As safe as possible, we will sail close to the glacier to breath the air full of ozone and enjoy the moment.

Sermiligaaq settlement
From Greenlandic, "Sermiligaaq" means "beautiful glacier fjord". The population of the village is about 200 inhabitants, who are mostly hunters and fishermen. Fishing plays important role in a local daily life, all catches are sold to the fish-processing plant in Kuummiut.
    Both men and women are welcome! Minimum age – 12 years (with parents), or 18 years (solely). Previous experience is not required. At the beginning of the trip, our trainers give you an orientation, lectures, practical classes, which are vital to effective communication with the crew.
    It is designed to be a sail training voyage on board the tall ship Wylde Swan. During the trip you will attend the program "Competent Crew" according to the International Yacht Training standards.
    Trainees are scheduled for navigation and general service duties on board, also they are involved in shipboard and sail works. Shipboard and sail works are needed when maneuvering or whether changes. Our help is crucial for the best crew operations. All hands on deck are very important when abrupt change of weather.

    By the way, all activities on board are voluntary. You can choose and rotate within the range of duties there. We want you to feel comfortable on board our ship.
    We are a team. There is a schedule on board, and we are required to follow directions from the captain, officers and trainers. If we are supportive and we are on the same wavelength, thus our trip seems to be comfortable for everyone.

    A dry law is applied on board. According to sea rules, alcohol consumption is allowed at the beginning and the end of our trip (at the port of Reykjavik) only. You are welcome to visit local bars during landings, but we kindly ask you to be back on board and ready to take up duties.
    All participants (crew, instructors, trainees) must provide a COVID vaccination Final Certificate (obtained after taking both doses of vaccination). We guarantee 100% vaccinated crew and staff. Your health is the most important for us!
    We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. All the trainees live in two sections: the large section (for 24 trainees) and the small section (for 8 trainees).

    Before setting out on a trip, participants will be informed about equipment requirements.
4500 €
Booking and payment
50 % – within 7 days after booking
50 % – before 1st May 2022

Cancel and refund
Cancellation of the trip more than 2 months before the selected trip results in reimbursement or rebooking the trip with required extra payment (depending on the price of the new selected trip). If you cancel the booking less than 2 months before the trip, we will charge you the whole amount of the payment you made. In case you have someone willing to replace you on the trip, we will fully reimburse your payment.
— Ship accommodation
— Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
— "Competent Crew" training course
— First aid on board
— Medical insurance
— Visa assistance (an invitation from the ship with itinerary and insurance details included)

— The flight to Reykjavik
— Visa fees
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